Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Aging Parents

When is the right time to step over the line and insist that your parents listen to you and do what you say?! Or is there ever a time when this is the correct thing to do? My parents are snowbirds in Florida and travel to and from with a 5th wheel trailer. My dad has had a really bad winter in Florida with asthma and bronchial problems. He is in his upper 70's and sometimes just cannot catch his breath. I'm very concerned about him making the trip back home and my brother has even said he would fly to Florida and drive them back home, but I don't think we are going to be able to convince my parents of this. They don't leave for another couple of weeks. Lord give me wisdom.


Anonymous said...

I understand totally where you are coming from. Both of my parents have had medical situations in the last month. My mother had a hernia repaired just under two weeks ago. Six months ago she had one total knee replaced and then she had had the first knee replaced in April last year.
My father is 78 (a month sy of his 79th). He had some sort of episode. He went into the hospital for three days. Doctors state they don't know what it is.He was tested for TIA, Epilepsy and other disorders. He is on some sort of seizure meds now but I am worried. One brother wanted me to go be a nanny to his two sons (5 & 7). This brother is in Europe. I am married and while I do not have any children I do have a medical situation which makes travel a big deal. I stated no and well now my parents are thinking of going to take care of the boys for three months. I have tried repeatedly to tell my parents that it is up to my brother and SIL to find someone other than us to take care of their kids. While I don't want them to be holed up in their condo I want them to realize thatthere are somethings they shouldn't do.

Sorry to go on and on about something that is well extra. I guess we just have to stand in and hold our ground when it comes to parents.

cityfarmer said...

Just crossed this bridge...wisdom will come.