Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elephant Rocks

There is a State Park in Missouri called Elephant Rocks and it is beautiful, large granite rocks that you climb around. When you get to the top there is a great view of the valley and hills.  Close by is another State Park called Johnson Shut-Ins.  Both are a lot of fun.

Kate, Olive & Cora holding up the rock!  I also did this when I was little as well as my daughter
when we visited Elephant Rocks.  A right of passage!

Cora and Kate posing on top of the rocks

Beautiful view at the top

Johnson Shut-Ins State Park.  Water from the river flows over
the huge rocks.  Always a lot of fun.

The water is pretty low due to the drought we are experiencing

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I recently stumbled upon this blog during the Chick-Fil-A thingee and really liked her perspective.  Her July 27 entry was very interesting.  Check it out:

We don't have a Chick-Fil-A in town yet but I heard we were getting one.  Hope so -- everytime I've eaten there I have enjoyed it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Annual Golfing and Antiquing Trip

My husband and I went on our Annual Golfing/Antiquing trip to Arcadia Valley Missouri area.  The antiquing and golfing both were so-so, but we had a great time spending time together doing some of our favorite things.  Also, our daughter and granddaugthers dropped by to see us and we enjoyed Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson Shut-Ins State Park.  We had a great day hiking and swimming.

It was very hot, like it has been all summer, but we made do by a/c in the camper and antique stores and golfing early or late in the day.  It rained three of the four days we were camping, but we sure didn't get much at our home.  Lack of rain sure has been hard on our yard and plants.

I ended up only buying one item while antiquing -- an apothecary jar.  It is large and I have it on my entryway table but haven't figured out what to put in it yet.  I'll have picture of it in a future blog along with a room design we did in our home.
Camping at Johnson Shut-Ins State Park
Ironton, Missouri

Golfing at Arcadia Valley Country Club,
Ironton,  Missouri
Boulder Books and Mercantile, Ironton, Missouri

Silver Mines Quilts and Antiques
Fredericktown, Missouri
Southern Oaks Country Club and Estates
Fredericktown, Missouri