Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New York City Readers

Just in case I have any New York City readers out there - my SIL will be touring the area. His schedule is as follows:

Fri, Aug 28 - The Sidewalk Cafe (9 Ave. A NY, NY) - 10PM
Sat, Aug 29 - Kenny's Castaway (157 Bleecker Street, NY, NY) - 7PM
Sun, Aug 30 - Don Pedro's (90 Manhattan Ave, NY, NY) - 8PM

His band is called "Ross Christopher" and he plays an electric violin as well as an acoustic guitar. You won't regret stopping by for a listen.

Friday, August 21, 2009

State Fair Continued

One of the other fun things to do at a State Fair is attending a concert.

This group is KANSAS. Some of their most popular music from years back was "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry On Wayward Son". They played both songs that night and brought back memories from the '70's.

We are attending one more concert before the end of the Fair. Brooks and Dunn. I heard this will be their second to last concert. They just recently announced their retirement.

After the concert, we walked through the Midway. Such pretty colors at a carnival at night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

State Fair

State Fair time again. I drove up on Sunday and spent the day. My hubby is in charge of the Highway Gardens at the Fair and so spends the better part of two weeks at the State Fair. This is some of his beautiful handiwork. My yard at home doesn't look anything near this ... just saying.

I have my certain routine spots I like to visit when I am at the Fair. Home Ec Building to hear about crafts and recipes, Art Exhibit Building to see the wonderful art work and photography, Farm Bureau because they sell 25 cent chocolate milk, and make a run through all the booths that are selling candy, sheets, soups, jewelry, etc. etc.

It was a beautiful day at the Fair and I walked my legs off! More pictures to come of my day at the Fair.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A First

I am watching a tractor/truck pull at the State Fair for the first time. This picture is from my cell phone so it is not so great. Boy, it is loud!

I'll have more fair pictures in my next few blogs.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Movie Review

Six ladies met up at the movie theater and watched "Julie and Julia". Monday evening, after work, enjoying a great film. Oh, wait a minute, three of the ladies just recently retired, so no worries about staying out late and needing to get up early for them.

A fun movie of recipes, learning about Julia Child's life, and blogging. In particular, Meryl Streep was fabulous. She is always so enjoyable in all of her roles.

Beef Bourguignon was Julia Child's signature dish. Check out the recipe here. I would love to try it sometime.

One other thing about the movie, Meryl Streep is reported to be 5'6" but played Julia Child who is 6'2". How did they make Meryl Streep look so tall? I need to do some investigative work on this mystery!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Play Time

My granddaughter is into dress up and pretend play. We poured and drank a lot of tea this weekend!

I bought her this hat and she was wearing it as she left. Here she is saying "cheese". What a ham!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My blogworld friend, Grosgrain Garage, recently posted about her new glasses and that prompted me to show off my glasses. They are DKNY and I have had them about a year. I normally wear contacts but have been having a problem with my left eye (keratitis) and so I'm back to glasses. I've been putting in eye drops for a couple of weeks and hope to go back to contacts sometime this week.

My glasses are no line bifocals and I can see perfectly with them. If I wasn't so vain about glasses, I'd probably go glasses full time. But instead, I'm going to give contact lenses another shot. Hopefully my eyes don't have anymore problems.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Golf Outing

This is the last segment of our Antique/Golf Outing in Ste. Genevieve, MO.

We headed to the golf course bright and early Sunday morning. There was only one golf course in Ste. Genevieve so that is where we headed.

I had book in hand with my visor and sunglasses set on my head. It was a beautiful, cool day. My favorite thing to do on the golf course is take pictures. My hubby is not always the willing candidate for this!

It took a few holes for hubby to warm up. I heard a lot of grumbling from his direction at first, but then smooth sailing on the back 9.

There was pretty scenery on the course. The barn in the pictures looks to be used for a meeting location for the country club.

I placed my camera on the ground and did a rapid repeat shot and caught him missing the hole by a short distance! Oops.

Overall a great day and weekend. We may have to start having two weekends a year instead of one annually!