Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Movie Review

Six ladies met up at the movie theater and watched "Julie and Julia". Monday evening, after work, enjoying a great film. Oh, wait a minute, three of the ladies just recently retired, so no worries about staying out late and needing to get up early for them.

A fun movie of recipes, learning about Julia Child's life, and blogging. In particular, Meryl Streep was fabulous. She is always so enjoyable in all of her roles.

Beef Bourguignon was Julia Child's signature dish. Check out the recipe here. I would love to try it sometime.

One other thing about the movie, Meryl Streep is reported to be 5'6" but played Julia Child who is 6'2". How did they make Meryl Streep look so tall? I need to do some investigative work on this mystery!

1 comment:

cathy said...

She walked on platforms! (I read that somewhere).