Sunday, January 13, 2008


This is our beauty! Sleeping like an angel. She is doing quite a bit of sleeping. I'm staying with my daughter and SIL this week to help out anyway that I can and to also spoil my granddaughter.

She is gaining her weight back and is a very good natured little girl. We are all home from the hospital and everyone is doing fabulous.

Well got to run. Cora is awake.


Cloggsy said...

Oh look how beautiful she is!

suburban prep said...

You have a special one in your life.
What a beauty is right.

Profbaugh said...

Oh my. Oh my!!! She is absolutely precious.


cityfarmer said...


My first granddaughter was born on Christmas Eve Day....just a few short weeks ago.

Nothing like pink!

kate "the great" said...

I saw the pictures Mom showed me, she's absolutely beautifuL!

He Knows My Name said...

she is just so beautiful. the lighting in this picture is so pretty. i'm sure she has received kisses without number. congratulations to all and God Bless Cora.