Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Random Questions: 1. If you go into a public restroom and are talking to someone on the cell phone, do you close out the conversation so that you are not talking to someone while going to the restroom? I went into our public restroom at work today and someone was in a stall talking away with someone. At first, you are trying to figure out if they are talking to someone that is in the bathroom and then you realize what is going on. I don't like to carry on a conversation with someone even in person in a public restroom. I usually wait until we get back outside and then continue the conversation. But really don't want to carry on a conversation on a cell phone!

2. Is anyone using Netflix or Blockbuster and getting their movies sent to them at home? We've just started getting Netflix and I think I'm going to like this! Tonight, if we have time, we should be watching "No Reservations".


MMM said...

I heard someone chatting away the other day on their cell in the stall. So gross! I always wait in a public bathroom. Not to say I haven't done it at home in an emergency, but only with close friends and I normally warn them! =)
We did Netflix for two years and jsut recently stopped it because we weren't using it enough. It is wonderful and so much fun to make your list. We got DVR and I found myself watching more recorded TV shows how. Enjoy it!

He Knows My Name said...

i just observed this not long ago and the person asked if they could call the person back. i was wondering what she was about to do. cell phones have taken over peoples lives. i think it is the new addiction.

workinthatpreppy said...

i love netflix because i can peruse the classics at my computer...they have so many choices! then just pop it back in the mail. seriously, i have two movies at home from blockbuster that i need to return but netflix is so convenient.

I'm Just Beachy said...

I love Netflix. I got my bf a home theater system for Christmas and a Netflix subscription for his birthday a couple weeks later. I think it's great. We do the 3 at a time deal.