Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More on Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas Thoughts:
  • A relaxed loving time with the family

  • Realistic expectations with the family

  • An evenly paced holiday season

  • What traditions were the most enjoyable to you as a child?

  • Include some of those traditions in your holiday celebrations

  • Discuss with your children which holiday traditions they enjoy most

  • Set aside time with your children

  • Simplify holiday preparations

  • Entertain less

  • Cut back on outside commitments

  • Watch less TV/Commercials

  • Discuss gift expectations with your children

  • Travel less

Lowering Expectations...If there is no such thing as "the perfect family", then how could there be such a thing as "the perfect family Christmas?"

  • Identify disappointments that we have during the holidays

  • Realize that people will disappoint us and that most people don't change

  • Realize "family" has many definitions and shapes - accept and celebrate that which is unique about your family

  • Realize we can't be everywhere, do everything and please everyone

I'm working on incooperating a Simple Christmas into our lives. Tonight I am going to go listen to our High School Choir sing. I haven't done this in several years and am looking forward to their beautiful voices singing the holiday songs -- Let the Holiday Season begin!

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He Knows My Name said...

I'm so glad your dad made it thru! Wicked stuff it was.

I guess I'm cutting back on "outside" commitments for the holidays. Haven't put a light outside yet. :) There going up even if it is Christmas eve!

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Good health to all!