Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day

Finally my update on Mother's Day. This week has been fairly hectic.

I spent Mother's Day with my mom and dad. We went to church with them and then lunch at Cracker Barrel. My daughter let me borrow Cora and show her off at my hometown church. Cora looked so precious in her little navy sailor dress. She was so very good for Grandma. She went to the nursery at church with excitement over the new toys to play with and then sat in my lap during church with her head laying against me and then fell asleep during the sermon.

Cora made Grandpa's day when she woke up Sunday morning and said Pappy. She is saying more and more words and trying to say whatever you ask her to.

For Mother's Day, my children gave me some really nice gifts. The dishes to right came from my daughter. I have recently bought new white dishes and this will work so well with the dishes as serving pieces.

My son mailed personalized M&M's to me. They said "I Love You Mom" and "Happy Mother's Day". They were pink and white. I tried to take a picture but they turned out blurry and now they are all gone -- yum yum.

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