Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eat More Vegetables

My goal this year is to try to eat more vegetables for better health. Unfortunately, the only vegetables that I currently like are green beans, corn, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and uncooked spinach.

My health coach and I came up with a plan for me to hide vegetables in my food. Last week I made a meat loaf with chopped carrots. That turned out well. They were hidden enough, that I didn't have a problem.

This week I am trying blended broccoli into my spaghetti sauce. The picture is the meal as I'm cooking as well as our tea brewing. We have tea from Kenya, and it tastes great.

The broccoli is cooked and ready to blend. The sauce picture is the broccoli blended into part of the spaghetti sauce. It makes the sauce pretty thick. Not overly visually appetizing! My plate is on the left, the new sauce on my wheat noodles. My husband's plate on the right looks more attractive with the beautiful green broccoli. I added a little bit more spaghetti sauce without the broccoli to my sauce to help it be a little bit more appealing. It didn't taste too bad, but don't think I will try this again. Too much trouble and not enough gain. My next plate was spaghetti with the regular sauce. Mmmm Good!

What will I try next? Veggie pizza with cheese. Everything tastes good with a lot of cheese on it!

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