Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration and More

We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday this last Sunday.  His actual birthday was March 15 but they stay in Florida in the winter, so we waited for them to return and threw a big party for him.  The last couple of weeks have been very busy!  Prior to the birthday party, both of my parents had cataract surgery on one eye and stayed with me a few days to recuperate.  They are back this week for the other eye. 

We served desserts and my SIL and I baked and baked so that we had plenty to serve.  My mother and aunt also brought a few dishes and my daughter baked and decorated the above guitar cake and the boot cookies in the picture to the right.  The guitar cake was the hit of the party.  She does great work with decorating.

The birthday celebration went really well.  More than 100 attended and my dad got to see friends and family that he hadn't seen in awhile.  He had quite a few cousins come and several of them were also 80 and over.  Also, all of his brothers were able to come and celebrate with him.  He is the eldest son and now the oldest of the family since his sister passed several years ago.  My dad is the farthest to the right.  They all resemble each other and span from 70-80 years.  We had a great day and was glad to celebrate along with our dad.

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