Friday, October 22, 2010


My son had a tonsillectomy today.  I drove to Iowa yesterday to be with him and do some doctoring for a few days.  It usually is a lot harder on adults to have this kind of surgery than children I am told.  He will be 25 years old next week, so this isn't a great birthday present, but something that needed to be done.  Hopefully, after he gets feeling better it will be all worthwhile once he stops getting terrible sore throats.

So far he is on a diet of popcicles, sherbet, Gatorade, and Mac N Cheese.  The medicine he takes every 4 hours is a life saver but still doesn't feel great especially when it gets close to time to take more meds. 

My husband just returned from Kenya on Wednesday night and then I left Thursday morning for Iowa.  Wasn't too much of a welcome home!  Maybe by the time I return home, his body clock will be back on US time! 

Prayers for a quick recovery for my son are appreciated.  Later.

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