Friday, February 25, 2011

Cardinal Stadium Tour

Our family is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team.  We love to attend games and watch as many games as possible.  For a Christmas present, my daughter and family bought my hubby a tour of Busch Stadium.  We were all able to go, and it was really fun to see the stadium during off season and behind the scenes.

The pictures are of the dugout and of the field.  The field is covered with snow.  The tour stayed inside most of the time, so it wasn't too cold.

We're anxious for the baseball season to begin, but are a little worried about the team this year since one of our best pitchers is out for the season. 

I'm sure they will be great -- Pujols will lead the way!

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The Chic Chauffeur said...

how fun!!!! What a thoughtful gift! and your youngest granddaughter looks like she might be a fan right along with grandpa! too cute!