Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've been sick for the last couple of weeks and let me tell you, two weeks is way too long.  Coughing, sore throat, unbearable pressure in my ears, medicine after medicine.  Agghhh.

Meanwhile, I am scheduled to go to St. Louis to exhibit for my company.  Luckily, my husband goes with me (lifesaver) and we get the exhibit setup ... but then what happens ... I lose my voice!  It is hard to exhibit with no voice.  It did come back on the last, busiest day, so that was good.

I finally break down and go to the doctor because after 10 days of this crazy cold I start to run another temperature.  I just hate tongue depressors and throat swabs ... I gag every time.

Well I am sure glad that I went because - wait for it - I have strep throat!  I'm not sure when the last time that I had that.  Lovely.  Well I've got prescription meds now and I'm hunkered down at home ready to start feeling better.  Hopefully better news on my next blog.

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