Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Big plans for Thanksgiving?  We are hosting both sides of the family this year.  One on Friday and the other on Sunday.  Thursday we plan to help out at our church's community Thanksgiving Dinner.  I have an apple pie to prepare for that day to donate.

Friday, my family will come and we plan on eating out and then dessert at our home.  This will be a smaller group with my parents, brother and his wife and my husband and son.

Sunday, my husband's family will be coming over and we plan to do a shrimp boil.  We are using Paula Deen's recipe:  This will be fun. Everyone will have already had turkey so we wanted to do something different.  You put paper or wax paper on the table and just roll the food out onto the table.   This is a bigger group of about 13 people.

My daughter and family will be coming by Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving on their way to her husband's family.  I'm looking forward to seeing them and playing with the girls.

Please have a Blessed Holiday.

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