Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree
 I have cut down on my decorations this year.  Usually I decorate two Christmas trees but decided to just put one up in the living room this year.

The Christmas music on the piano is some old books and sheet music that I used as a child as I learned how to play the piano.  I still love to play, "Santa Clause is Coming to Town".  Displaying it lets me reminisce.

The Wonderful Counselor picture frame is new this year. I found this on someone's blog but cannot remember where .  Sorry - I wish I could provide a link.

Christmas Music
Our church choir sang today a musical called "Tapestry of Light: A Celtic Christmas" by Joseph Martin and Joseph Martin came to our church and accompanied us.  That was very special.

Our families gather for Christmas this year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We will be very busy those two days with extended family and our immediate family festivities.

I have quite a bit to accomplish before those two days.  Seems like there never is enough time!
Foyer Display

Kitchen table display

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