Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another List

I have begun to prepare a list of 100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die. This is something I can do to help me focus on "the rest of my life". It is slow going so far on deciding what merits the list. Some items are service to others, some developing myself, some travel and some whimsy.

A few samples are: Volunteer at a hospital (started doing this after I put it on my list), read 3 classics a year, ride in a hot air balloon, become debt free, take a cruise to Alaska, and so forth and so on. This came up the other day with my hubby's family and now some of them are also making lists. I would like to do five things or more from my list every year. One thing I should add to my list is - complete the list!

1 comment:

cityfarmer said...

This sounds fun...I might need room for 500....