Friday, February 9, 2007

Too Many?

We have four labs. Yes four. One white (Luke), one chocolate (Cocoa-I know pretty original) and two black (Belle and Scout). How did that happen? Not really sure! One was a birthday gift to my son at 12. Notice the dog didn't go with him to college -- not sure he will ever take possession! Luckily we have 10 acres that they can run on and they only visit from time to time inside the house. Here is a picture of Luke taking it easy. He does that quite often.


clipper829 said...

Oh, how gorgeous! I would have to say that your nest must not ever feel empty with four wonderful Labs!

Welcome to the blog world and thanks for the link.
~Erin (pinkandgreengirl)

cityfarmer said...

I wouldn't mind laying around like that once in a while...but then I'd want to get up an run around that 10 acres...ahhhh the life of a country girl....was there and then I was hearts' still there