Monday, September 24, 2007


I am looking forward to our upcoming vacation in North Carolina. Part of our vacation will be visiting Biltmore Estates, Charlotte, state capitol at Raleigh (I collect capitol pictures), the Outer Banks, and visiting friends we haven't seen in a long while. We're making our reservations for hotels and rental car, I'm packing and making lists on what to pack -- so my excitement is building up.

Anyone have any suggestions on what we should make sure we don't miss? Any great places to see in the Outer Banks? I'm looking forward to seeing the beach, sticking my toes in the sand and water, and taking many, many pictures of the ocean, lighthouses, the Biltmore, the Capitol, and anything else that comes into view!

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NMB said...

I'm a lurker but I figured I'd send you a recommendation. When you're in the OBX-- if you can make it all the way down to Hatteras Village on Hatteras Island (it's about 30 min south of the lighthouse)...Oden's Dock is GREAT. A good friend of mine has a few small houses in the marina (they've been in his family for decades) and I spent a week with him there in April. My favorite part of the entire vacation was sitting out on Oden's dock right in the marina when the fishing boats came back around 5 to unload their catch. These HUGE gorgeous boats come back to dock and the crew gets off and celebrates. There is also a great little seafood "stand" right next to it called (I THINK) Harbor Seafood Deli. They'll steam you a bucket of peel-n-eat shirmp while you stand there (the Cajun is amazing) and you can take it out, sit on the side of the dock and get messy.

Ahh, I miss it!