Friday, November 21, 2008

Blackberry Free Downloads

I am trying out new software on my blackberry. I have downloaded google, yahoo and MaraTick.

Google has a search engine, google map, news, photos (Picasa Web Albums) and Reader (that I catch up with some of my favorite blogs).

Yahoo has e-mail, flicker photo albums (which is where I keep my family photos), news, sports, celebrity watch, weather, maps & driving, facebook, find-a-movie, and abc news.

MaraTick is a list maker. So far I have just used it as a grocery list. When you begin to type in an item, it shows multiple names of items that you can pick from. Makes it easy to use. It looks like I can e-mail this list to someone too. I am still trying to figure out this software.

I'd like to try out WorldMate the next time we take a trip. I'm also looking at Viigo. Looks like this has a lot of up-to-date news and RSS Feed. May duplicate a lot of what I already have.

Anyone know of other free downloads for Blackberry that I should try out?

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