Saturday, July 25, 2009

Antiquing Getaway

We ventured out and about Ste. Genevieve checking out each and every antique store that was open. Some of their stores only opened if the owner felt like showing up!

The first store had many little trinkets and stuffed to the brim! I had several items that I was keeping my eyes out for. This day I was looking for glass cake stands, glass dessert plates, and cow bells. Mostly, I enjoy reminiscing.

Just a few miles south of Ste. Genevieve was the town of St. Mary and they had a very large Antique Mall. We walked our legs off!

While I looked from booth to booth, I happened upon the doll of my childhood. My grandmother had this doll and all the granddaughters loved to play with it when we were there. I always called it the Kissee doll. When you push her arms together, she makes a kissing sound. I only took a picture of the doll though because it cost $150! Maybe I'll find it again one day at a lower price.

We had a very fun day and I had visual overload from all of the booths that I looked through.

The next day we went golfing. Antiquing is my sport and golfing is my hubby's! My next post will be about our fun golf outing.


Ross Christopher said...

that's the kind of doll that murders you when you're asleep. creepy!



cityfarmer said...

gotta keep our men happy

it's hard to balance summer and blogging, but I'm out to change all that today