Thursday, April 29, 2010

Turkey Hunting

My husband has been turkey hunting a couple hours away on his uncle's property.  A couple of friends came in from Indiana and they have a great time hunting, camping, fixing fence and mushroom hunting.

The ladies of the family (daughter, granddaughters, MIL and myself) went down for a visit for the annual fish fry. Our friends from Indiana bring the fish and they fry the fish and potatoes in a deep fryer.  Tastes great, and I'm not even a really big fish eater.

Little Olive is enjoying the beautiful weather with papa.  Cora enjoys a ride on papa's neck.  She loves that.  They are headed out to search for mushrooms.

Once Cora was shown what a mushroom looked like, she quickly found several.  She was excited to go mushroom hunting with papa.

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