Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gone and Back

I've been away from blogging for a few weeks.  On July 6, I headed out on a Mission Trip to Kenya.  Yes, Kenya Africa.  My first time over the ocean and the first time off of North America.  I will try to chronicle a few highlights of the trip over my next few blogs.  It will actually be hard to put into words.

The picture to the left is my husband holding two of the two-year olds at the orphanage that we worked at for most of the trip.

To the right, I am reading to two of the children. They just finished with their baths and are bundled up with layered clothing.  It is Winter in Kenya in  July and they are freezing.  The temperatures were in the 60-70's most of the day.

Our team consisted of five 20+ year olds and two 50 year olds.  My husband and son were on this trip with me which was so very helpful, plus I really enjoyed having this experience with them.  We had one teacher, one nurse, two in college (one for mechanical engineering and the other for ministry), my son who is a computer engineer, my husband who is the team leader, and myself.  The team worked very well together and each person used their gifts and education to play an important part to the team.

The picture of the team is taken at a high point over a beautiful valley and river near Naivasha.

More stories to come.

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