Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Antique/Golf Outing, Part 2

This year's outing, we not only went to antique stores and golfed, but also visited springs and mills.  The picture to the left is Blue Springs near Eminence Missouri.  We took a trail back to the springs and they were beautiful and yes, very blue.  The mill to the right is Hodgson Mill near Gainesville Missouri.  Very picturesque.

The following are a few pictures from the golf part of the trip. My husband fit in two golf games, one 9-hole game and one 18-hole game.  We walked the 9-hole game in the late afternoon and then he played 18 the next morning.  I drove the cart and kept score.  I'm pretty good at that!

We had a great trip and really enjoyed being together.  Now to start thinking about where we should go next year.

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Nina Diane said...

those pictures remind me of Mabry's Mill here in Virginia...very nice