Thursday, September 23, 2010

Antique/Golf Outing, Part I

My husband and I take an Annual "Empty Nest" trip which consists of antiquing (what I love) and golfing (what he loves).  This year we went to Southcentral part of the state.  Beautiful ozark area.  Our first stop was this fun ol' time store in Caledonia.  They had over 200 candy choices on the main level and antiques on the upper level.

Our next stop was a quaint antique shop across the street from the candy shop.  I found a really pretty glass cake plate.  I would like to visit this city again.

Not only did we antique and golf on our trip but also visited some beautiful parks and springs.  The next place was Johnson Shut-Ins.  Several years ago, this park was totally devastated after more than a billion gallons of water from a breach of a reservoir occurred.  I grew up visiting this park and always loved it.  We were so glad to see the park reopened and the shut-ins intact.  Follow this link for mre information:   "New" Johnson's Shut Ins State Park incorprates changes caused by breach."

This park is always so much fun to swim down the cascading falls between the rocks.  Also, it is in a beautiful location.

The last picture shows some of the antique shops we stopped at in Willow Springs and West Plains.  My husband found several cow bells and old gas cans, but I didn't find too many things that I couldn't live without!  It still was a great time and I saw many items that reminded me of my grandparents and times gone by.

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