Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reality TV

Somehow I've got hooked on a few Reality TV shows. I don't always sit down and watch them at the time they are airing but do record them and watch when I get a chance. Here's my picks for the following shows:

Bevin and Tessa to be the last 2 girls and Tessa to win. The Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, is definitely attractive.

Not sure who will win but I really like Yau-Man. Who would have thought when this started that he would be a contender.

Amazing Race:
I guess I want the twins to win. This is through a process of elimination on who I don't like the least (did that make sense?). I really liked Uchenna & Joyce but they didn't make it.

Can't believe I'm keeping up with these shows! I was even watching Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" show enough to know who won and whether I agreed! Ahhhh!

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cityfarmer said...

Isn't Idol on your list....I can't decide...I think blogging is safer.