Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vacation Dreams

I'm dreaming of going back to Hawaii. We went to Maui last summer it was really great. Loved everything about it. We've decided the next time we go, we want to also see The Big Island. We also didn't get a chance to see Pearl Harbor when we went, so that would be something fun to do as well.

We have so many vacation plans ... we just need to be retired and vacation all the time! I'm sure that's not how it works ... but it sounds good! We may end up going to the Grand Canyon this fall and hike to the bottom. That has been a goal of ours and we need to get to that! I better pick up the pace of walking soon to prepare for that though!

We've also talked about going to the Northeast. We would love to visit Maine and Vermont in the fall. I'll just continue dreaming today and see if I can also get some work done! Where's your favorite vacation spot?

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cityfarmer said...

Always dreaming of a cruise down the Mississippi on the Delta Queen....want to snoop through Savanah and all those antibellum mansions.