Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day

One more week until Valentine's Day. What do you have planned? What is your favorite V-Day? My husband and I are going to a church Valentine Banquet on the actual day. I'm not sure what is planned exactly, but I'm looking forward to an evening out with friends and no cooking.

I told my husband no candy or flowers this year. In fact, no gifts. (OK, jewelry would still be good!) I just want to spend the day together doing something fun and interesting. We've heard that Lincoln Museum in Springfield Illinois is really a good place to visit. We like visiting President's homes and this would be a day trip for us. We have Monday, February 18th off for President's Day - so maybe we should go learn more about a President!

Doesn't sound real romantic does it -- I'm good with that though -- just spending the whole day together doing something we both like to do is pretty romantic.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Valentine's Day, b ut not for me so much. I love doing everything cute for my son for Valentine's Day. I was super excited to help him pick out his Valentine's. I made a cute little craft to give to our family members for Valentine's Day. And I can't wait for Wednesday night to make cookies for his school party. Actually, I love every holiday that I can do cute stuff for and with my son!!

suburban prep said...

I got engaged on Valentine's Day (it will be 10 yrs this Thursday).
I hated it in college though.
Our first yr married I made a chicken dish that I had a made quite a number of times before and well lets just say it is known as the dinner where we threw out the chicken and ordered in pizza. (It was a lemon chicken--we call it our pucker chicken dinner).