Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weekend Vacation

This last weekend we traveled to Springfield, Illinois to see Abraham Lincoln's Presidential Museum. The museum was very informative and had a lot of good visuals and films that were high tech. They also have a hands on area for children to pretend they are President Lincoln and his family. We really thought this was worth the trip. We also visited Lincoln's home which the National Park Service owns. This is where he lived when he was married and when he won the Presidential election. They were able to replicate many of the items in the home from pictures that were taken at the time. They had a few original items as well. We also went to Lincoln's tomb and took some pictures of the State's Capitol. I collect pictures of capitols. Illinois' capitol is very pretty and ornate.

Short vacations like this are nice getaways. My husband and I enjoy the car rides together, listening to music that we like and talking about things that are on our minds. I like it the most because I don't do the driving!
I think our next short trip should be to Memphis. Blues and jazz music. Check out their BBQ. I better start planning the trip.


The Chic Chauffeur said...

My son just got to be a page for a senator, and got to take a special tour of our capital in Topeka, KS. He got to walk up to the top of the dome, and then go outside. I was praying for his safety down below. Anyway, they said although Kansas has the tallest capital dome that gives such tours, the tallest capital dome period was Illinois! I am a native Illinois girl (Mt Vernon until college) I even made a model of the capitol building when I was in 8th grade out of wood blocks, and won 2nd place in whatever contest our school was having! I just thought you'd find that interesting (the tallest dome part, not my prize part)!

Melissa said...

What I love most about this is the idea of you two riding along talking about things on your mind. It says a lot about your relationship. And its why i'm glad you are role models for our youth.

becky said...

Just happened upon your blog...I really really like it. Sounds as if you and your hubby are making some great memories! :)