Monday, April 21, 2008


My SIL played this weekend in Omaha, NE and Columbia, MO. We attended his concert in Columbia at Cherry Street Artisan. There was a large crowd (standing room only). His sister was debuting her new album as well at the concert. They both are very talented and enjoy writing and singing their own music. Check out Ross Christopher & the Familiar Voice website to hear his music.

My granddaughter had on a onesie that said "I'm With the Band"! She slept through the entire concert -- which was unbelievable because earlier in the day we were tiptoeing around to keep her napping!


He Knows My Name said...

isn't that something you just never know if they are going to sleep when it is noisy or quiet. my grandson just has to hear the door open or the dog collar jingle and naptime is over. love her little leggins'

Melissa said...

It was a great evening. You are right about Cora. My friends were surprised that she was sleeping through it all.