Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Movie Review

Have you seen this movie? It was a very good movie. A very sad movie. It is a movie about a couple facing Alzheimer's together. Julie Christie (Dr. Zhivago) does a fabulous job in her role as Fiona.

My grandmother had Alzheimer's and I remember many of the stages that she went through. Asking me the same question that she just asked me was some of the beginning times that I remember. After I got married, she could not ever remember that I was married and who my husband was. To the end, where she could not speak at all and there was a blank look in her eyes. I miss her and I lost her so many years before she actually passed away.

On a lighter note, whenever I misspeak or forget something, my husband tells me I'm not far from Meadowlake (nursing home in movie)! Maybe we'll go together one day!


Ross and Kate said...

i told you it was a good movie. i hope you sobbed like we did. ross said there was no way he would take me there- the movie provided for very interesting conversation in the house!

Midwest Nest said...

He says that now ;)

Melissa said...

I saw that movie awhile ago and loved it. Bawled, of course. Both of my mom's parents are victims of Alzheimers. It is a horrible disease.

Julie Christie was up for an Oscar or Academy Award for her role. (can't remember which one.)