Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Complete

This is the plaid skirt I mentioned in a previous blog. I guess I can call this my flood skirt since I made it on my day off because of the flood. I'm really happy with it. Add a brown belt, white shirt and a brown blazer and the outfit is all ready to go. The pattern is really easy, elastic waist instead of zipper, nice side pockets and a small split in the back to make walking easy. I need to keep my eyes out for some more material and whip up another one sometime soon.

I don't really sew very often but when I do, I enjoy it. Making things like skirts or baby afghans help me feel very productive. Taking material or yarn and turning the product into something to use is satisfying. Well...onto the next project.

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Profbaugh said...

Okay, this is so cute. And I absolutely love the colors. Plaid is one of the trends that's in this season. Yup, you "done" good!

Much love,