Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eagle Watching

Last weekend my hubby, daughter and granddaughters drove over near Alton, Illinois to see the eagles. We saw a few on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River and then drove along the Mississippi River in Illinois until Grafton.

The Mississippi River had a lot of ice chunks in it. Almost no room for boats to go up and down the river. Couldn't believe how big the ice was in the river.

Driving along the river was really beautiful. The bluffs on one side and the river on the other. I bet it is really spectacular in the Fall. Also, there were several really cute, small towns along the river that look like they would be fun to check out. Some had antique stores and fun coffee and fudge stores.

Another sighting of an eagle in flight along the river. They sure are beautiful birds. Maybe next time we go, we will see many more eagles than this visit. Still really enjoyed the little road trip with my family.

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