Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disciple Now

Our church youth is having Disciple Now weekend and we are hosting the high school boys! Ten teenage boys downstairs in our basement along with their leader.

They have stayed downstairs for the evening. We have a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom/shower downstairs, so they should have everything they need. They bring their sleeping bags and sleep anywhere.

We bought snacks and soda and lets just say I will be heading back out to the grocery store today for more supplies! Teenage boys can pack it away! I'm also planning on baking cookies today and having them ready for them when they return from their service projects.

DNow, as it is called, is a youth retreat using church members' homes for lodging and grades 7-12 participate in bible study, service projects, worship and fun times hanging out together.

It ends with a combined worship service on Sunday with the youth leading the service. We've been involved with DNow in one or another for about 10 years.

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Ross Christopher said...

that green chair looks great. excellent taste in furniture!