Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Craft Projects

I've been working on several projects - mostly gifts for friends and family.  I really enjoy craft projects.  I am currently working on a baby afghan.  The yellow/aqua afghan is completed and I've started another one.  I've also recently finished the ties on the onesies for on upcoming baby shower and a makeup bag and tissue holder for my mom's birthday.  I found some quilt looking material to use and this fits her as she is a quilter.  Another recent gift was a decoupaged "G" for my niece's graduation and the last picture is a tray that I spray painted and then decoupaged for an upcoming wedding.  My next projects are:  covering a piano bench, crayola caddies, baby booties and a baby dress.  Now if I just didn't need to go to work every day!


Sam said...

How did you make the tray....just use scrapbook paper and glue. I would love to make one. Would you mind sharing how you did it and what you did with it....Did you keep it? Did you give it away as a gift? Lisa Sutton
I like your blog....my best friend is chic chaffeur! Anyway...if you don't mind sharing I would love it.

Midwest Nest said...

I bought the tray at a garage sale in fairly bad shape. I spray painted the tray and then decoupaged scrap paper to bottom of tray. I also painted gloss varnish over paper after it dried from the glue.

I gave the tray as a wedding gift to a relative along with another item from her registry.

Thanks for asking.