Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Displaced Kenyans

A mission team that came before us, bought land and built this home for a displaced Kenyan woman named Lucy.  She has three children and previously lived in a small room.  This land purchase and home cost approximately $4,000.  This is not a lot of money considering what a change this made to this woman's life.

In this picture, Karen, from  Heart of the Bride Ministries, is reading to Faith, one of the two-year old orphans.  Karen purchased groceries and kitchen supplies for Lucy.  She probably spent around $50 and helped Lucy and her family through some very hard days.  Lucy is a single mother and one of her children, Ruthie, has physical problems.  In this situation in particular, you can see how your dollars can help someone so quickly.

This is a photo of Lucy and Ruthie.  After we visited her home and took her the supplies, she walked us all the way back to the orphanage.  To do any less, would have not been gracious and thankful for our visit. 

Future projects for Lucy include a fence around her land and medical assistance for Ruthie.  There are so many needs and through Heart of the Bride, many of these needs are being met.

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