Monday, July 23, 2007

Home Decorating

We have been redecorating our living room and are getting closer to the end. We've taken down the wallpaper, repaired wall dents and scratches, taken down the ceiling fans and put in new lights, painted (you would not believe how many different hues and shades of green there are), and now working on putting on the crown and base molding, and the window molding which includes rosettes. My hubby does all the work himself after a full day of work, so we have taken our time to complete the project. The living room looks pretty much back to normal now, but for a while it was a lot of sheets over furniture and dust everywhere.

Of course, when you change the wall color, you must look at new furniture options and window curtains. I'm currently on the lookout for a couple bookcases and a chaise. When we started the decorating project, I took my curtains down from my large picture window and realized that the sun shown into the room beautifully and would be great to have a nice chaise sitting beside the window where I could read from. I'm also trying to figure out what curtains I need so that the molding and the rosettes won't be covered up. The room is green, the molding white, furniture is cherry and lamps and mirror are black wrought iron. When we get closer to being finished, I will post a picture.

Some furniture that I am looking at:

This from Target -

and this from IKEA:

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Mrs. P said...

We have the Target piece and I love it. I also love the Ikea piece!