Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lake Fun

Some of our rivers in the Midwest are overflowing. This picture shows this dam with all its gates open, which is a rare occurence. Makes for a beautiful picture.

The lake that is formed behind this dam is the next picture. It is very high recreation -- resorts, skiing, parasailing, outlet mall, etc. It is fun to visit and a good location to take visiting family and friends. This time of year, it is a very busy place. I took this picture at a wonderful overlook that had picnic tables. We need to go back with a picnic basket and enjoy food and scenery. I love the summer. I could live somewhere where it is warm year round. Maybe after I retire!

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suburban prep said...

The rivers by where I am in the Northern burbs of Chicago are not over flowing. We have missed the rain each time it has been called for lately. It is good or bad however you look at it.