Saturday, November 3, 2007


We've moved up to new technology. We still use VHS and record TV shows from time to time. Our VHS player has been eating tapes lately so we were in the market for a new one. Before we made that purchase we decided to check with Dish Network to see if DVR might be an option for us. We didn't want to pay a lot of additional dollars, but thought we would see how much this cost and how it worked. We have been long time customers with Dish but haven't recently upgraded.

The new upgrade package would get us a new receiver with DVR that would work on two TVs (we have 3 TVs with satellite hooked up) which would eliminate one satellite charge and the local TV charge that we incur would be included in this package. The new DVR cost us $27 to buy ($127 originally but receiving $100 rebate) and $10 dollars less each month because of one less hookup and local stations included! So we upgraded to a much better system with DVR and will be paying $10 less each month - wow!

They also gave us a new XM radio for our patience in working with them on this deal. It took awhile to figure this all out. I think I would have given them a gift, but hey, if they want to give us something, I won't turn it down! Now we have to figure how much this will cost monthly and how it works.

I'm going to love DVR that is for sure. No worries about being home to watch Greys, Survivor, etc. No more commercials! How sweet is this!

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