Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Aren't these fun? This should keep me well away from the mud and muck. Gardening, feeding the dogs, raking leaves, etc. My daughter bought these for my birthday. So cute! I'm going to have to think of other places to wear them as well.

I cooked a turkey yesterday with a new stuffing recipe. The turkey was on sale and I wanted to try this new recipe, so turkey sandwiches this week. The stuffing turned out really good. I will post the recipe on my next post.


He Knows My Name said...

oh i love these. i would wear them on any wet day we had. the plaid is so classy.

mmm! you are making me hungry.

blessings ~janel

suburban prep said...

Those are great.

Kerry said...

these are too cute!

He Knows My Name said...

i tagged you :) see my blog.


Nina Diane said...

I love these and I bought some just last night! I bought purple plaid for my daughter and brown zig zag design for myself! I will be wearing these during all of the wet weather!