Friday, December 28, 2007

100th Post!

How time flies! I need to look back over all my entries and remind myself what has been going on in my life!

For my 100th post - I give you 100 facts about me!

100. My spiritual gifts are service and exhortation.
99. I MUST check my e-mail every day.
98. I have a borderline obsession with yard sales.
97. I lived in Indiana for 10 years.
96. I wanted to be an OB nurse after I had my first child.
95. I have osteoporosis but am medicating, so hopefully my bones will get better.
94. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas.
93. I cannot stand the taste of artificial sweeteners.
92. I volunteer at a local hospital in the OB Unit.
91. I was very thin until about 30!
90. I have auburn colored hair but it is quickly fading to brown.
89. I pray before I go to sleep but sometimes fall asleep doing so.
88. I have an unhealthy addiction to the TV.
87. My favorite color is yellow.
86. I really like my ipod. Listening to Eagles, Carpenters, Beatles, Third Day and more
85. Is the year my second child was born.
84. I love the smell of coffee, but I don't drink it.
83. My Bath and Body Works scent is Japanese Cherry Blossom.
82. Is the year my first child was born.
81. My favorite number is 7.
80. Is the year I married.
79. The only diet soda I like is Orange Sunkist. Diet Pepsi isn't too bad.
78. Is the year I graduated High School!
77. I couldn't remember my husband's name when we first met.
76. I make lists for everything.
75. My wedding color scheme was rainbow with an emphasis on yellow.
74. I am VERY family oriented. I keep in touch with 3rd cousins and great aunts.
73. I cry easily. Sad movies, touching stories, injustices, meanness, etc.
72. I hate snakes.
71. I worked half a day my Senior year of High School.
70. I am a planner.
69. I DVR Oprah, the View, The Closer, Survivor, and the Medium.
68. I have four labs. Belle, Cocoa, Luke and Scout.
67. I walked down the aisle to “Time in a Bottle.”
66. I love sewing, crocheting and cross stitch.
65. I love the smell of gasoline.
64. I love warm weather. I could live in Hawaii for sure.
63. I was the "Most Likely to Succeed" in 8th grade.
62. I worked at two steel mills in Northwest Indiana.
61. I drive a Honda Accord.
60. Once in awhile, I watch Lifetime or Hallmark TV all day.
59. Was the year I was born.
58. I love to nap on Sunday afternoons.
57. I learned how to whistle watching the Bridge On the River Kwai and Andy Griffith.
56. I played volleyball in 7th-8th but wasn't very good!
55. Red Lobster was my first date with my husband. I dislike fish.
54. I like watching chic-flick movies when my husband is out of town.
53. I read CNN, MSNBC and Fox daily.
52. I smoked a cigarette at church camp. Never smoked again.
51. I hate being late.
50. I love to sleep in. But it is not much past 8 a.m. anymore.
49. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.
48. I love listening to the Eagles!
47. I have a hard time going to bed. I'm a night person.
46. I love watching sport teams play that I root for.
45. I enjoy making gifts for people.
44. My husband makes me laugh. He's my best friend.
43. I love to rock a baby.
42. I miss my grandparents.
41. I was on the yearbook staff in High School.
40. I talk too much and need to listen more.
39. I like to eat chocolate chips and cookie dough.
38. I've been in every state but two (Delaware and Alaska).
37. I enjoy baking.
36. I would like to reconnect with childhood friends.
35. I hold my nose when swimming underwater!
34. My dream is to travel abroad.
33. I stink at playing Trivia Pursuit! I only get the Entertainment questions.
32. I enjoy playing cards and other games with my family and friends.
31. My memory is not what it used to be.
30. M&M's are my weakness.
29. I love to take pictures. My digital camera is great!
28. I took easy classes in High School because I was afraid of not getting A's.
27. I attended a country elementary school.
26. I'm so very proud of my children.
25. I love to go antiquing with my friends and daughter.
24. I made concert choir my Freshman year of High School.
23. Nichole Nordeman is my favorite Christian singer.
22. My feelings get hurt easily.
21. I love doing crafts. Seeing something get completed is a good thing!
20. Is how old I was when I got married.
19. Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie. No one puts Baby in the Corner!
18. I use to bite my nails but now they are long and polished.
17. I love chocolate!
16. I sang "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" at a school program.
15. I've been married 27 years. Met my husband in college.
14. I only went one year to college. But it was a great year!
13. I am a peacemaker.
12. I am the least competitive person in my family.
11. I'm a St. Louis Cardinal fan.
10. I am the youngest child of three. The only girl.
9. I'm working on coming up with 100 goals for my life and only have 43.
8. I like sending cards to people but don't do it enough.
7. I fell and hit a coffee table when young and have a scar on my forehead.
6. Is how old I was when I was saved and baptized.
5. I was a cheerleader in 7th-8th grade!
4. I hate it when people are not respectful.
3. I'm excited about being Grandma!
2. Pregnancy was easy for me.
1. I love technology! New gadgets.


Melissa said...

That was so neat! I learned so much about you through this. I also learned that you and I are very similar. :) Hope that doesn't scare you too bad. LOL

Ross and Kate said...

that was fun to read. made me laugh and smile.

suburban prep said...

If you ever get a chance to go to Alaska go. I would go back tomorrow. I went with my father 3.5 yrs ago and thought it was stunning.
All the best for 2008.

He Knows My Name said...

what a good list. i do feel like i know you more. i'll comment on #3 because my menopausal mind can't remember much. i have been a grandma for 6 months and it is the most awesome thing since having my own.

Happy New Year to you and many blessings in 2008.