Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice, Baby, Ice

We have been having really bad weather here since Sunday. Our electricity has been on again, off again (mostly off) due to this ice storm. I'm not sure how many trees in our yard we will be able to save. We have branches all over our yard. We stayed with my MIL the last two nights. Just glad we had somewhere warm to go. Electricity is my friend -- the Amish lifestyle is definitely not for me.

The tree to the left is a cedar tree that was like a big Christmas tree close to our house. I'm not sure we are going to be able to save it. The top broke off and several other branches.

The tree on the right is a large tree in our front yard. It has broken several large branches. Sad to see them hurt so badly.

The temperature has remained above freezing today and suppose to stay that way for a few days. We may get snow in a couple days but no more rain. Of course, this is always subject to change.

Surrounding states like Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma have been hit really hard by ice as well and seem to be worse than Missouri.

My parents winter in Florida and they have had 85 degree weather this week. They are getting a cold spell this weekend and will have 60 degree weather. I don't think they will be getting any ice! Maybe I need a vacation to Florida!


Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

While the ice is pretty to look at, it's so damaging. Hope your trees survive and the heat is on soon!

Profbaugh said...

Hey my Midwest Siesta,

We managed to dodge the bullet here in St. Louis so far. We had a bad ice storm, however last year in early December. So, I guess it was our turn for a "pass" this time. Hang in there.


cityfarmer said...

Chicago was hit pretty hard...but it sure was a lovely sight tonight driving home thru the woods.

He Knows My Name said...

could you tell me who is the publisher of your husbands message/niv bible? thanks so much. ~janel

Midwest Nest said...

The Publisher is Zondervan. The bible is called NIV/The Message Parallel Bible. I bought it at an outlet. The store was called Christian Publishers Warehouse. A lot cheaper than what I see online with Zondervan.

PAT said...

We had quite a bit of ice, but it's gone now. We saw trucks from Kentucky, when we went out yesterday. They were here to help AmerenUE restore power. Just about 30 miles north was quite a bit worse. St Louis is about 45 miles south. They had hardly any ice!

Snow expected here, for the weekend.

Hope you all are doing well!

He Knows My Name said...

thanks a bunch! ~janel