Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

The weekend went way too fast! We had no problems traveling to and from Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa. We even found a faster route.

While there we checked out local eateries and fun shops in Cedar Falls downtown. Beck's is a sports bar in Cedar Falls. They had good food and a TV close by so we could watch the Cards vs Cubs game.

My son showed us where he worked and we checked out the John Deere plant and all their tractors. While working for John Deere, my son lives in the University of Northern Iowa dorms. On the UNI campus, there is a beautiful tower that is on the right. That is my son and I.

Downtown Cedar Falls had some really great stores that we checked out. One of them was "Cup of Joe". Great coffee shop. Check out their teas and the names on the tea boxes (get growing, get relief, get a grip, get lost, etc.).

Saturday evening we ate at Doughy Joey's. This restaurant was in downtown Waterloo. They had pizza Chicago and New York style.

Saturday evening we watched the most fabulous fireworks I have ever seen. The sky was filled with multiple fireworks for at least 30 minutes non stop. This picture is my husband looking toward the bridge that they were getting ready to shoot the fireworks from.

The picture below and to the right is a night shot. I tried out different functions on my camera to see if I could get some interesting fireworks pictures. This is right before the fireworks started. To the left is one of the fireworks displays. I thought it turned out well. Fireworks are always hard to capture on film.

We enjoyed our visit in Iowa. Hope you and your families had a wonderful 4th weekend.

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