Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grant's Farm

Last weekend my family went to Grant's Farm in St. Louis. The last time I visited Grant's Farm was when I went on a field trip in the 2nd grade. Let's just say ... I have no memory of this trip! The only cost is the parking cost of $10. For my daughter's upcoming birthday, I bought her a parking pass for the rest of the season so that they can go as often as they like. Grant's Farm is very close to where they live. Below are a few pictures of the day we spent at this beautiful park.


cityfarmer said...

Now this looks like alot, I mean alot of fun

Profbaugh said...

You gotta love Grant's Farm!! Interestingly while you were in St. Louis celebrating a birthday, I was in Chicago celebrating my mom's 77th birthday. (no Grant's Farm, though).

One of my students used to work at Grant's Farm; she trained the birds for the shows. She even brought one to class one day!! They are talented.

Glad you had a good time.