Monday, July 28, 2008


Very busy weekend. Saturday evening we went to the Muny in St. Louis and saw "Miss Siagon". We went with my brother and his wife and had a great evening. Our daughter and SIL even joined us for dinner -- so I held and played with my grandbaby again! The play was interesting and they even had a helicopter hover over the crowd as part of the story. The story is haunting. A Vietnam war love story.

Sunday evening we invited two couples over for blackberry picking and homemade icecream. This is my table setting above. We had oreos, chocolate syrup, blackberries and raspberry jam as icecream toppings. We had a fun evening of catching up with each other. We all had been busy traveling and vacationing and hadn't visited in awhile. We have been doing a lot of redecorating in our home lately, so it was nice to have friends over to see our changes.

Our next project in our home is to to finish a playroom for our granddaughter. I have a small room downstairs that has many toys from my past and my children's past that needs organizing and decorated. We need to hurry up and have ready because it won't be long before Cora will want to play in grandma's toy room!


cityfarmer said...

I had a great aunt named vintage and sweet

...I wanna get back to entertaining

Profbaugh said...

I almost got tickets to this show, but worried that the weather would be too hot. So, I bought tickets to "High School Musical" (for my daughter) instead. The weather was great, but she said there were way too many "tween" girls there. We're big "High School Musical" fans, even though we don't have any kids that fit the profile.