Friday, January 16, 2009

1st Birthday

Cora had her 1st Birthday party last weekend. It was a great party. The party was at our home because we are centrally located to those being invited. The theme was Winter. Everything was white. My daughter made wonderful cupcakes and sugar cookies.

Cora wore a beautiful black velvet dress with a bright pink bow around the hip area. With her birthday in January, she may think that she should get presents every month!

The sugar cookies were the hit of the party. Everyone was amazed that my daughter made them. They thought they were store boughten. They looked great and also tasted great.

Cora put on a pink t-shirt with "one" on it to eat her first piece of cake. She really loved the icing. After most of the icing was gone, then she started on the cake part. She thought it was pretty great too!

Cora did a great job opening her gifts. She sat on her dad's lap and they opened each and everyone. She got very excited about the present below - I think it was because it was a big box! She definitely has a lot of toys to play with now and many cute outfits to wear this Winter.

After a few people went home and mostly relatives were left, Cora went down for a nap. She went straight down - no crying, nothing. She was wore out! What a big day!

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Jennifer H said...

What a cutie! Looks like it was an exciting party!