Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

"The Bachelor" has pulled me in. Every week, I'm glued to the tube to watch the interactions between these beautiful women and Jason.

I was totally happy about who he sent home last night. I really like Stephanie but just don't see him with her in the future. Somehow they just don't seem suited.

Right now, I'm a real fan of Naomi.

Anyone else watching? Who do you want to see with Jason?


Jennifer H said...

I really like Stephanie -- and she's also the only one whose name I can remember... so I'll just stick with her =0)

cityfarmer said...

I have some struggles with the whole concept...here's a quote from someone like myself that pretty mich sums itn up for me

"While working the second job last night I happened to see an episode of "The Bachelor". There is a T.V. in the waiting area of the tax office and it was late, no phones ringing, I'm just waiting to leave. So I watched a bit. The bachelor chooses his personal date for the night, takes her outside to a romantic fire and s'mores. To make a long story short she ends up spending the night in a tent with him, with the intimation being that she slept with him! Am I the only one who wonders where these girls self respect is? Does he actually get to "try them all out" for crying out loud!?
What kind of sad person puts up with some guy making the rounds in hopes that she will be the one he chooses? Would someone put up with that in real life? I hope not, but I suppose it happens. I am repelled by the premise of this skanky show. I never thought I would say this, but what ever happened to women's lib and the idea that women are more than sex objects for some guy? I can't imagine what these girls mothers and fathers must think. Am I hopelessly out of touch? How can a show this nasty be so popular? And what in the world are we teaching the next generation of young women"

thank you for listening

Jennifer H said...

I do agree -- the premise of the show has always bothered me... and I realize the fact that I've watched several episodes of the current season (though I missed the night in the tent episode...) is contradictory. It is important to note that it doesn't just treat women this way, but men, too. The current bachelor was a contestant on the bachelorette -- same scenario with a woman choosing from a house of men.

I have yet to understand how true and lasting love can develop in the midst of seeking it with a number of other individuals. I think it speaks to the desperation a lot of society has -- so maybe there is something to be valued in paying attention to this trend in pop culture and looking at the reasons WHY it is the way it is. Only when we see the problem can we go about fixing it.

nancygrayce said...

It sucks me in every time! I say it's trash, then I watch it! :(