Monday, February 9, 2009


Found some time yesterday to shop at Tar-Zhay! The trenchcoats to the left are really cute. They are $39.99. I didn't purchase them this time but have my eye on them.

I did buy a new purse. I thought it would be easier to carry on our upcoming vacation to San Antonio. You put it on over your head and carry across your body. Good distribution of weight.

The other purchase I made was some kitchen towels. They had a great sale on them. Always can use extra.

My granddaughter, Cora, visited this weekend (she also brought along her parents!). We had a great visit. She got to explore grandma and grandpa's new toy room. (Will show pictures of this room in an upcoming blog.) She did a lot of ooohs and aahhs.

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Nina Diane said...

you'll enjoy San Antonio. My SIL lives there and we visited in 2007..very nice, very hot and some really awesome food!