Monday, February 23, 2009


I was shopping in Target on Thursday and just stumbled upon a great 19" flatscreen TV that was only $200. I thought, hmmm, I could really use a new TV in my bedroom and $200 is a great price. So after looking and looking for someone to talk to about the aforementioned TV, they told me they were out of stock but would get a new truck in on Friday morning or Saturday morning and just call to find out if they received anymore. Well, I did just that ... and no TV!

But now, I reallllly needed this TV! I asked if they could sell the display but the answer was no, not until the TV was discontinued, which this one was not. So, while my husband and I were visiting in another town over the weekend, I made sure we dropped by their Target to see if they had this TV. I rushed in and they did have the same TV with the same sale price. I'm getting excited. I stand in line behind a young man with his pants down below his behind (my gosh) and wait to hear that they are also out. The sale ends that day. Ahhhh! I asked about how many they had gotten into the store and she said they received 20 in the store last Sunday and were sold out by Monday morning and never did get anymore into the store.

Now that just seems crazy! Twenty .... really! Could someone just have told me when I first saw this TV that we have this on sale for a great price but we just are not going to get anymore into the store or any store.

Oh well, I really don't have to have that TV! I just love a bargain!

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Nina Diane said...

it was kind of like Target was saying...hey there, look at this great tv with a really great price...umm, sorry! we don't have anymore! man, I hate when that happens