Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am one of the hostesses for an upcoming bridal shower. This is a picture of the invitation I developed and sent out. I found the card stock at Office Depot (they are going out of business -- so great price). I added the bow and printed the invitation information onto the card from my trusty printer.

It was fun working on this project. I love working with graphics, fonts, etc. Other projects I have done are fliers and slides for upcoming Bible Studies and Women's Conferences. I also have begun a digital scrapbook of pictures of Cora.

My newest project is a sun dress for Cora. I haven't worked with my sewing machine for awhile. I'll post pictures when I have the dress done.

Retirement can't come fast enough so I can work on projects all day!


Ross Christopher said...

just so you know...a lot of the words are blurred. may not be the easiest to read :-)


p.s. i know, i'm a punk

Jennifer H said...

Ooh, I hadn't thought about going to Office Depot to find paper for the shower I'm throwing for my sister!

Those look nice!

Melissa said...

They were very nice and elegant. I got mine in the mail the other day and as a fellow design geek, I was really drawn to the font. What font type is it?