Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Fun

Have you made your plans for this weekend? It might be your last outing before school starts or it might be your last beach time for the summer. Midwest Nest and hubby aren't near an ocean, so we are going antiquing and golfing. We are headed to a town we haven't been before but hear it is really quaint and beautiful.

I love to go antiquing even if I don't buy anything. Just looking for items I remember in my childhood and seeing what people have to sell is fun for me. I currently am looking for a squeaky toy that my grandmother had around her house. I saw it once at a store in Idaho and I should have bought it then. It is not easy to find. I did see one on e-bay though, so if I don't find one this weekend, I may see if I can purchase that one. I also am looking for this bank that we had in church that when we had a birthday or anniversary, we would put money in for the missionaries. I don't have a picture of that one. It is a tin bank that is blue and has pictures of children on it. It will be fun looking.

On Sunday, we are going to a Cardinals ballgame at Busch Stadium. It is getting to crunch time and hopefully will be a really fun game. Hopefully not too hot! After that, on to spend a night with my parents and a day of picnicking and fishing.

I still plan to put up some pictures from last weekend and hopefully will have some good ones from this weekend to show as well.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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daisy cottage said...

I enjoyed visiting you... have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!